Fine ord fra fransk blogger

9782364744134FS«Super» er nylig kommet ut på fransk, og bloggeren stephon på amoureteaudevaisselle har lest boka og blogger om det her. Med litt hjelp av google translate får også jeg som ikke kan fransk, en slags forståelse av hva hun skriver (selv om engelsken er litt gebrokken):

«Get drunk, get tattoos, drive a car, meet a guy: that’s what Julie dream. Be great! She was tired of spending all his evenings with his parents, to be reasonable, helpful and never dare to do anything. This summer, everything will change. It remains one week alone at home, with his list of desires. And indeed, she meets Jomar who has just moved into his building. With him, she feels becoming a different person and finally dares to do things she never thought possible. On a fast-paced, Super chronicles the life and thoughts of Julie, introverted young girl who dreams of becoming someone else, to sublimate. Writing fuse and is filled with humor. This character, we discover little by little, is blind, has a unique relationship to the world, she saw things intensely but with self-mockery. His world is intuitive, sensory and tactile.

Humor (Julie has many back from his disability), suspense (Jomar is related to a criminal case and is wanted by the police and by ex-friends …), full of sensitivity (or sensuality when Julie and Jomar sleep together), dialogues that stick teens characters, a beautifully colored cover, and final novel really «super» (ah ah!). The moral is safe but Julie will still have time to experience moments of pure transgression. Scandinavian quality literature exists, it is great news, right? Personally, I would see the same property outright in the selection for Escapages Ados 2015/2016.»


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